Lucas Oil Products are American made and the world leader in additives and lubricants. Founded by Forrest Lucas and his wife in 1989, their products are distributed and sold worldwide.
The Lucas story is grass roots – Forrest was fascinated by trucks, so he bought a truck and worked for Mayflower moving. Soon he started accumulating a fleet, but as his trucks were crossing the Mojave, they were starting to break down. He realized that his trucks needed better lubricants and fuel treatments to keep them running longer and better. He started experimenting with some oils and fuel additives to keep the trucks running. Their philosophy: producing only the best line of lubricants and additives available anywhere.

After perfecting the “sauce”, they began to expand their products into the consumer automotive industry that includes a premium line of oils, greases and problem solving additives. Continuing on that success, they continue to expand their products for additional industries and specialty situations that needs are not satisfied by other oil products.

Lucas Oil Products launched a motorcycle line of products in .........and carry a wide range of products including oils, chain lube, contact cleaner, octane booster, stabilizer and other cleaning products. If your local retailer does not carry the full line, contact us so that we can make all of our products available to you.

Indianapolis, IN – Lucas Oil Products, Inc., a world leader in developing advanced motor oils and other lubricants for competition, high-performance, stock motorcycles and off-road all-terrain vehicles, both 2 wheeled and 4 wheeled, is pleased to announce the appointment of long-time motorcycle safety, education and rider rights advocate Michael Farabaugh as Director of its newly formed Lucas Oil Motorcycle Division.

AMCA National Event at Barbers

It's Official, AMCA to host a new AMCA National Event at the legendary Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, AL next May.

Event Highlights:

  • 850 acres of rolling parkland
  • Fan Zone for non-parts vending and AMCA Chapter displays and gathering
  • A flowing ribbon of asphalt that winds through 15 turns to make up a 2½-mile racetrack
  • Just outside of that, place a swap-meet field with room for hundreds of vendors
  • Daily Road Runs heading out on back-road rides through the rural countryside
  • Daily lap of honor around the track for Vintage motorcycles
  • Tech Seminars
  • AMCA Judging and Peer Judging
  • Antique & Vintage Bike Shows
  • Motorcycle Field Games
  • Special Motorcycle Parking & Showcase area for all bikes 1981 and older
  • Children's games
  • Motorhome and Camp Sites available
  • Crowds of people gathered around classic machines, learning firsthand about the history of motorcycles.

Duane Boatright collected some pretty cool swag for entering a drawing at the AMCA booth during the recent 11th Annual Barber Vintage Festival at Barber Motorsports Park.